....it doesn't have to be in LONDON !
不必在伦敦 !



You are reading this welcome note as a result of either calling to my stand at the Top Marques Exhibition, or been fortunate enough in having the brochure, handed to you. However, you came to be reading it, I would like to thank you for taking the time for doing so.

Lifestyle Homes by PDW are just exactly what the name says; lifestyle homes. The reason I have taken the unusual step of calling them Lifestyle Homes is because they are homes that I have either lived in or would be prepared to live in.

During my career as an International businessman, I have travelled and conducted business in no less than 24 countries in over 30 years. This has given me an insight into quality and standards second to none, and, whilst I am not a regular Realtor, nor profess to be one, I am uniquely positioned to appreciate a quality home and/or property investment that falls within the needs, and desires, of a vast cross-section of the global public.

The properties you will see in this Brochure are only a few in number, because, I have either lived in them or been involved in their development, and I can genuinely say they are lifestyle properties that I would live in. You will note that there are no properties listed in London; the simple reason is that there is more to the UK than London!

It may be the properties you see here are of no interest to you. Whilst I have specific standards and tastes, borne of my international travel experience; it would be unreasonable of me to expect everyone to have the same standard. That said; because of the wealth of my experience and my connections in the British Property market, I and my colleagues would be more than happy to assist you identify and secure a residential or investment property that suits your needs.

Thank you again for taking time to read this welcome note, I look forward to hearing from you with your requirements or to assist you with further details on any of the properties listed in this Brochure.

Peter D Warwick

October 2013


您读到这篇欢迎辞,要么是因为您光顾过我在 上海国际奢华生活博览会 (Top Marques)的展位,要么是因为您收到递给您的宣传册。无论如何,非常感谢您花时间阅读以下内容。

正如其名字所描述的那样,PDW的"Lifestyle Homes"即生活方式之家。之所以不走寻常路,命名为"Lifestyle Homes",是因为我曾住过这些住宅,或者我准备入住其中。








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